Temple Sholom’s 2015 Family Expedition is well underway!  We all arrived safe and sound on Thursday afternoon and made sure to jump in the beautiful roof top pool of the Carlton Hotel, overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner on Thursday night at the venerable Yemenite restaurant, Magadna.  Friday morning was greeted with an amazing breakfast by the sea and then a trip to Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, where the State was formally declared in May 1948.  We also visited Rabin Memorial Square and then enjoyed the frantic noshing and shopping of Nachalat Binyamin and the Carmel Market.  Tonight we will greet Shabbat on the beach and share Shabbat dinner at the hotel.  Tomorrow we leave for the Negev and the incomparable Brasheet Hotel.


It is great to be in Israel with wonderful Temple Sholom of Chicago families!
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